Via La Moda – Westfield Sydney

Via La Moda is a Women's handbag store selling high quality ostrich leather bags and accessories from South Africa. The simple, clean lines within the store allow the merchandise to be the hero, an aspect that was very important to the client. Halo illumination was introduced to highlight the architectural elements whilst providing additional light to illuminate the product.

A large light box facing the entry point of the store promotes the brand and draws your eye into the store and to the product.

As the space is quite small, careful consideration was taken to maximise the merchandising area whilst maintaining adequate circulation space. A hidden Point of sale unit incorporated within the rear merchandising wall presents an interesting design feature saves space to allow for the installation of a feature wallet & bag display. The angled stainless steel poles provide a subtle screen, separating the space without hindering the vision throughout the store.

Area 39 sqm