Little Voice – QVB, Sydney


A luxury children's furniture, clothing, jewellery and toy store that forms an enchanted escape for the child within us all; A 'staged', almost theatrical playground or café which remains practical in terms of retailing merchandise. The whimsical, magical and playful ambience is created through design features such as the overhead canopy forming a 'circus tent' ceiling. This is reiterated by the tent-like fabric change room which sits on a lily pad feature carpet. Butterfly and bird wall paper motifs and internally illuminated pigeons are prominent with a single pigeon watches over the centred gift display table.

The shop is an environment that tells a story through the use of characters that are painted on handcrafted display armoires. Soft toys hold tea parties at child size tables encouraging children to join them and partake in the fun. The store has a sense of uniqueness which captures and enhances the distinctive quality of the client's product.

A place that although retails high end merchandise remains accessible and inviting to all, reflecting love and warmth.

Area: 81 sqm