Lovelle Jewellery – QVB, Sydney


A high-end jewellery store with an emphasis on a feminine French-style aesthetic through the use of colour and detailing as well as the incorporation of the ornate logo design provided by the client. The shop is narrow so by utilizing a simple geometry for the layout and exploiting the longer wall for display with a single long display counter housing the POS. We were able to create a sense of space within the shop which also meets all the practical requirements. The use of a full-height feature mirror not only reflects the interior but serves as a 'dress-up' mirror for clients to view the jewellery pieces.

A dramatic framed feature divides the space between public and private which and reinforces the clients brand through the use of a large 3D logo, without limiting the customer view to the heritage architecture of the windows beyond. With a selection of finishes such as wall paper, custom blossom lights carpet, timber veneer and beautiful frame profiles we were able to create a sense of luxury for customers

Area 39.4 sqm