Lifestyle Optical – QVB, Sydney

Foster and Associates was commissioned to design a new Lifestyle Optical store in the QVB, Sydney. The light, natural finishes, colour and use of quirky wallpaper engage the customer and introduce a fun element to the store, enhancing the consumer experience.

The brief was to evolve the brand and adapt it to suit the new store location, whilst incorporating their existing orange branding colour. We decided to take inspiration from the stores Lower ground location and introduce an urban element to the design.

The feature orange bands that wrap around the store create visual interest and draw the eye right through the space, whilst referencing the streetscape. A graffiti-like front wall display lists brands and the services provided within the store.

As the store was quite small, we had to make effective use of the space, utilising the perimeter walls and introducing a freestanding narrow feature display to the centre of the store. The feature display was designed to appear floating so that it wouldn't dominate the space and is also subtly backlit to illuminate the product. Mirrors are suspended from the ceiling and feature pendants randomly hung provide a combination of colour and added lighting for customers.

Area: 37 sqm